Maruthi suzuki - baleno
Ananth RG - Dear BRISKRACING TEAM ,thanks for your wonderful product .I have ordered lpg super copper spark plug for suzuki baleno1.6 06 model. Really low end torque improved with lpg gas just like petrol , all jerks/dead locks are gone now and driving pleasure is very nice with lpg also . Really would like to recommend to who really facing problems with jerks and slow pickup vehicles. Thanks a lot BRISK ). also I am not able to find lpg silver plugs online . Please help to provide the same with budgeted price )
You may email Ananth RG on ananth.red3@gmail.com or call on 7829058333 to confirm.

Honda - City 08
Vipul Oza -

Dear BRISKRACING TEAMThanks for your wonderful product .I have ordered cng/lpg silver spark plug for honda city zx vtec 08 model. and i must say it did wonders in my car .low end tourque is really good now and on highway i got an fuel avg of 30+km on cng. i filled 9.22kg cng n it went up to 283km .and in city it gives me an avg of 20km without ac . with ac i got 27km /kg avg on highway n 18km/kg cng in city driving once again i really appriciate your product thanks n rgdsvipul

You may email Vipul Oza on vipulkuoni@gmail.com or call on +91-9870267557 to confirm.

honda crv - crv
rajesh sachdev - excellent cng plugs sudden change in a driving pleasure.great job done by BRISK India
You may email rajesh sachdev on dr.r.sachdev@gmail.com or call on 9311868960 to confirm.

Maruti - Swift Dzire
Amit Kumar - Cng spark plugs are very nice it gives very good performance and mileage. But little pricey.
You may email Amit Kumar on amitorg@gmail.com or call on 9350663773 to confirm.

Ford - Ikon
rajesh nair -

Great product........! absolutely worth buying it. Excellent response in acceleration, smoothness & power of the car. Never enjoyed driving my car before installing brisk plugs. I highly recommend them.

You may email rajesh nair on lords_78@yahoo.com or call on 09824500230 to confirm.

Hyundai - Santro
Dev Kishan - I have a Santro running on Sequential CNG Kit. As I was facing backfire problem in the car, my installer advised me to change Spark plugs. I went to a workshop who replaced my plugs with Denso K16PRU plugs. The car's performance changed to worst, both on Petrol& CNG. Someone recommended me to visit Autogas. They instantly changed the plugs to BRISK Silver and told me I was using a wrong heat range in Denso. My car's performance changed dramatically, the pick up on CNG became as good as CNG,and it drives very smooth, no jerks. I would highly recommend BRISK and Autogas India, as they have good knowledge and pinpoint the problem with genuine advice.

Hyundai - Verna Transform vtvt
Raja S -

Hi,I bought Brisk Premium Iridium spark plug,The performance is excellent and I can feel the difference on the initial pickup and roaring like a TSI engine.over an above 100mark touching 150 makes easier without any lack.Really it is value for the money and superb when compared to Bosch Iridium spark plug.

You may email Raja S on s.rajagopal@live.com or call on 9176077252 to confirm.

Maruti Suzuki - A-Star K Series
Varun -

My engine used to have eratic idling a problem so common in K series 3 cyl engines,i tried BRISK LGS Spark plugs and they were out of this world, never seen a plug like that with its specially shaped ground electrodes. To my amazement the idling of the car improved, also the pick up was noticeably better and so was the mileage. Its a great product,would recommend it to all car owners.

chevrolet - UVA, Aveo
Vikas Dutt -

I run my cars on CNG, first I use to drive a Chevy UVA which used to have lot of backfire problems, i changed to Brisk Silver Spark plugs and to my suprise the problem vanished. Later I also got the Silver plugs in my Aveo (also on CNG) and my mileage increased by couple of kms/kg. Car runs smooth like petrol, excellent pick-up,no missing or jerks,great product.I recommend BRISK Silver to all Petrol/CNG/LPG car owners.It's class apart.

You may email Vikas Dutt on vikasdutt001@gmail.com or call on 9899887586 to confirm.

Toyota - Altis
Ravi Mehta -

I used the BRISK LGS Spark plug in my 2011 Altis, its a great design, awesome product, my car's power increased by atleast 5-7%, throttle response is amazing, didnt check my mileage, but surely i feel it would be better than earlier. Im most happy with the driveability of the car than before - it picks up from lower gears at ease now without the need of changing gears frequently.

Hyundai - Santro
Nitin Sharma -

I was fed up with my Santro's backfires and missing problem on CNG. My CNG workshop asked me to change the plugs. I used, Champion which are Original in Car, then NGK, Denso but problem remained. A cab driver told me to visit Autogas in Gurgaon. I visited them and they changed the Spark plugs to Brisk Silver and to my suprise the problem simply vanished. I've driven 33800 kms after that without the problem ever again. Thank you BRISK & AUTOGAS for great product and true advice.

Chevrolet - Aveo CNG
Sammeer Pednegar -

After using different brands of spark plugs from NGK I got to know about Brisk Silver from Autogas India. They shared a lot of information about Brisk Silver based on which I went ahead and procured these for my vehicle. The performance boost was immense and I noticed considerable smoothness in the engine which I never experienced with the other brands of spark plugs. I was also suggested to have JLM valve saver installed which I have fitted last week. I would strongly recommend having a dealer in Mumbai for Brisk Silver and JLM valve saver.

You may email Sammeer Pednegar on sampedn@hotmail.com or call on 9820850395 to confirm.

Honda - City ivtec
Naveen Sharma - Using BRISK Silver for CNG in my Automatic ivtec for 2 yrs, done more than 60000 kms, car runs as smooth as Petrol, great pick up, mileage of 18-20 in city..v.very satisfied
You may email Naveen Sharma on naveenfromgugaon@gmail.com or call on 9811995845 to confirm.

Hyundai - Accent CNG
Anil Kumar - My car was running on CNG but had very poor pick-up, would not climb the Delhi flyovers with ease. Someone advised me to visit Autogas, they changed the Spark plugs to Brisk Silver, and wow.there was a drastic change. I started to enjoy driving my car on CNG, it could touch 170km/hr on Yamuna Expressway, my mileage increased by 40 km on a tankful of CNG. Car now drives like Petrol Thanks to BRISK and AUTOGAS ,highly recommend it to everyone driving on CNG, its worth every penny spent !
You may email Anil Kumar on kumar.anil1568@gmail.com or call on 9350043407 to confirm.

Audi - Q5 2.0T
Kenneth Mark Yong - "Increases pickup, power, smooth drive and saves fuel as well! Wonderful product! "

DAIHATSU - Terios 1.5
Keywye - " Now, after running BRISK LGS plugs for a month now, I have top up 3 times. 1st top up, I got 11 km/l (just about the same as my stock plugs) BUT considering that there's no foot control (to test the sparkies power), this is rather acceptable to me. 2nd top up was 11.5 km/l, this was achieved after behaving the foot a little bit. 3rd top up (this evening) was an amazing 12.7 km/l (496.3km for 39.8liters of petrol)! Of course, this was achieved by a totally controlled foot (no hard accelaration, breaking, 85-90 max speed). 12.7 or a gain of more than 1km/l plus the power gain --- it's definitely worth every single cent spent! Cheers everyone! "

Lamborghini - Gallardo 2007
Derrick - " My local mileage on went from 320km to at least 420km on heavy town driving per tank on street driving for the Lamborghini. On more expressway cruising locally I’ve got 580km on Brisk. For my BMW630, I easily get similar increment. What’s more the fun factor increase is priceless for both. With better torque, my Lambo can now shift into 6th gear at 60kmh previously can only done at 110kmh. "

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