Consistent type range of spark plugs consisted of field proven types intended above all for motorbike engines.

Most of these spark plugs utilize the technology of silver alloy on centre electrode with reduced diameter and cutting of ground electrode into shape of letter "A"or centered to centre electrode. In the same way are arranged remaining types with platinum contact or with NiCu centre electrode. Enlarged sharp edges of electrodes assure superior spark for a long time and at the same time reduce demands for voltage supplied by ignition system. It all contributes to improvement of ignition of air fuel mixture with lower quality, too. The better mixture combustion and by it maximum utilization of its energy considerably influence engine elasticity already at low speed.

This technology succeeds considerably on the field of motor sport. The spark plug marked as BRISK Silver Racing L10S became a pioneer. This spark plug was developed in cooperation with top Czech Go-kart Racing Stable JOKA of Mr.Kališ. It is already supplied direct for assembly lines of production plant TM RACING in Italy for several years. It is registered by Go-Kart Association as the sole spare part (spark plug) for engines of class ROK CUP. It belongs to most widely used spark plug in the racers from Czech Republic not only in the area of Go-kart sport but in the area of motocross, endure and another. This spark plug helped to win Czech championship, Europe championship and world championship in various motor sport branches. Among next great successes of these spark plugs it is necessary to add a successful testing for world-renowned company PRODRIVE. This testing culminated in the middle of year 2007 with release of spark plugs BRISK Silver Racing ER12S for racing turbocharged engines of cars Subaru Impreza, specification WRC.

For better orientation of customers all these "motorbike" spark plugs are completed in marking by numerical code such as it is on "automobile" spark plugs of product line A-line.

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