Importance of Good Spark Plugs :

Spark plugs ignite the mix of fuel and air in the combustion chamber of an engine to produce power in the engine. A spark plug can make a huge difference in performance, mileage and drivability of a car. Fuels like CNG / LPG are hard to ignite making matters worse for car's electronics. The ignition temperature of CNG is much higher than for Petrol and a much stronger spark is needed to ignite CNG. Conventional spark plugs made of Copper , Nickel or Platinum are good for Petrol but not good enough for CNG or LPG application as the requirement for these fuels is different than that of Petrol. Majority of cars running on Alternate fuels, face issues like backfire, missing, irratic idling, high ignition temperature, frequent fouling of spark plugs & ignition system (Coil, Leads)

Fitting the Correct Spark Plugs for LPG - CNG or Petrol

Check to see what spark plugs you have fitted in your vehicle, if you have Platinum or Iridium tipped spark plugs fitted they are No good for CNG or LPG . We recommend you replace your spark plugs with Genuine CNG / LPG spark plugs. Brisk Silver Spark Plugs are made for LPG / CNG & Petrol, they have solid silver electrodes to produce a superior spark as you can clearly see in the chart below Silver has the highest Thermal & Electrical Conductivity where as Nickel, Platinum & Iridium are very poor in comparison.

Properties of Materials
MaterialThermal Conductivity
Electrical Conductivity

Do Spark Plugs make a Difference?

Yes 100% - Vehicles fitted with Poor Quality or poor electrode material spark plugs produce a weak spark, to ignite a fuel with a weaker spark the engine requires a much richer fuel mixture - with poor spark plugs you will use more fuel even petrol, when running a vehicle on LPG or CNG you need a much stronger spark due to LPG & CNG being a dry fuel it is harder to ignite than petrol so you need a much richer fuel mixture! Most vehicles are fitted with lambda control systems like petrol injection vehicles which correct the mixture by monitoring the exhaust emissions. This can lead to a serious problem running on LPG or CNG with weak spark plugs as un burnt LPG or CNG has an affect on the vehicles lambda exhaust probe sensors which makes the sensors read incorrectly (weaker). The vehicles ECU or Lambda control system detects this & tries to correct this by increasing the fuel mixture even more although the system now thinks the mixture is correct, it is incorrect, the engine is actually running far to Rich. Not only is this decreasing your fuel economy but also increasing the exhaust emissions CO & HC. It no longer remains a green conversion. In some vehicles tested, we have found the emissions to be much higher than petrol emissions & failed emission tests, this also has an increased affect on the engine & exhaust temperature which can seriously damage the catalytic converter due to overheating and also damage the valve or valve seats in the cylinder head.

Common Symptoms found with Weak Spark Plugs

Poor Fuel Economy, Misfires, Poor idle, Stalling, Hesitation & Jerking under load, Less Power, Poor Performance in some cases, Not Drivable on LPG or CNG, Back fires, Engine management light coming on, Limp home mode, Exhaust system overheating, Lambda sensor damage, Catalytic converter damage, Valves damage etc. The car may also be running fine on Petrol in most of the cases but have such issues on the Alternate fuel.

How does the BRISK Silver Spark Plug help

As already discussed above, Brisk Silver spark plug has Silver electrode, which is the best thermal & electrical conductor amongst all metals. The Silver spark plugs generate strong spark, igniting the fuel–air mix fully, thus generating maximum power, more mileage. The specially designed long insulator nose ensures combustion deep in the combustion chamber. The especially shaped ground electrode and a lower gap ensures in the BRISK Silver Spark Plug lowers the voltage requirement from the car's ignition system which gives better performance and drivability and less maintenance costs.

Spark Plug Gaps for LPG & CNG


When fitting Brisk Single Silver Electrode (YS) spark plugs it is recommended to set the spark plug gaps to the manufactures recommended gap as for Petrol unless otherwise listed for your model like (DR15YS-9) -9 being the recommended gap = 0.9 mm etc… if the gap is not listed then use the manufactures recommended on some vehicles with spark monitoring try reducing the spark plug manufactures gap by 0.1 mm to compensate for the dryer fuel - The (LGS) type spark plugs are specially designed spark plugs which produce incredible sparks across large gaps like 2.9 mm theses cannot & do not require any adjustment they are ready to fit.


NO, Not at all in the long run. The Brisk Silver spark plugs may seem expensive to buy upfront compared to Copper Spark Plugs. But they more than pay up with their advantages :-

  • Longer Replacement Life : 3 times than the conventional copper plugs
  • More Mileage : Strong Spark = Better combustion = More mileage
  • Better Power : No unburnt fuel = Optimum power from engine.
  • Less maintenance : Less voltage requirement = less load on car's ignition, better life of engine, less tune-ups and visits to workshop = money saved

PEACE OF MIND : Drive smooth like Petrol, no fear of backfires, missing, jerks, being stranded in traffic with poor pick-up or dead spots.

RESULT :- BRISK SILVER Spark Plugs are cheaper than Conventional Spark Plugs in long run.
SILVER SPARK PLUGS are cheaper than Iridium Plugs yet so much better, as IRIDIUM is worse than copper plug for CNG / LPG application !!

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